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22 Aug

Meet Lisa Miller, Creator of PetieNation.TV

Lisa Miller is the author of the Pet Lovers Book Series. She is known as The Pet Fun Expert.

She is the owner of Biscuits ‘N Bones leading the way toward the crème de le crème of pet living.  Her newest book, The Official Petie Handbook, was written in honor of Peties and is a must read for the ultimate pet lover.

What is a Petie?   A Petie, pronounced Pet-ee, is her trademark term of endearment she coined in 1998 for pet owners (of dogs and cats) who cherish their pets, treat them like family and give them a happy forever home.

“Peties describe a group of people I feel most connected to.  My chosen family, tribe or pack if you will.  Peties lead by example; they are responsible, kind, caring and compassionate when it comes to their pet(s).

Food enthusiasts have a term of endearment – Foodies.  Now, we as Ultimate Pet Lovers, have our own term of endearment – Peties”.

What is PetieNation.TV?   You’ll will find out everything you need to know about us by clicking on Lisa & Bear’s photo (above) and watching our Series Premiere entitled;

“Meet Lisa Miller” – The Story Behind PetieNation.TV Season 1 – (Episode 1: Series Premiere)


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