Each quarter we will be bring you a new little Star and their story which will no doubt, capture your heart. 

We call them Pet-Lebrities

These are just a couple of the little celebrities we have in store for you. Take a look for yourself and read their stories.   The photos speak for themselves… but their stories will grip your heart.

We begin with a couple of our little Feline Sweethearts:

Meet Rocky

This little guy and his siblings were born behind a business in some shrubs. Momma cat did the best she could to take care of them and would slip away from time to time to get herself something to eat.

A couple of co-workers heard the little cries and thankfully investigated. They found the cutest litter of kittens. They kept their eyes on them day by day until they where old enough to be taken from the momma cat.

When the day came they got a box, gathered all the kittens and took them to a vet. The vet graciously tended to the kittens at no charge and gave them a clean bill of health.

Thanks to a couple of social networks and a well known free internet advertising service homes were found for all.

Meet Rocky today…  No doubt he is set for life, content, happy and loves the camera too.

Meet River

River was adopted from a shelter. Though we don’t know her original story, we do know she definitely was the love of a lady’s life for several years. The vet said River is mostly Abyssinian. (Known as the “Cat-Dog”).

Her owner was very ill and as her illness progressed she developed environmental allergies. After further tests she was told her cat was the main cause of her pulmonary distress. The doctor said she would have to find another home for her kitty.

She kept River, her Sweet Baby Girl, for as long as her body could stand, but unfortunately the day came when she had to let go. This was a gut wrenching decision to say the least.

When the new family arrived it was a very sad moment, however, she knew she was doing the right thing and her health had to come first.

River had a hard time getting acclimated to her new home. It was confusing, but after a few days she began to warm up to her new environment.  Currently, she is happy, playful and loves her new family… And in her own little kitty way she’s appreciative.

Meet River today…  Yes, she is cuddly, happy and like a doggie, she loves to have her tummy scratched.


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