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I Help Pet Owners Solve One of their Biggest Frustrations

You just don’t have enough time to provide Adequate Fun, Playtime and Exercise for Your Pets, or for that matter, your own human family.

Well, no more worries.  I have a Done-For-You Solution so you can immediately and effortlessly implement fun activities into your pet’s life and your busy lifestyle.

You have probably toiled over some or all of the following:

  • You are buried under mountains of work and household chores, letting potential delightful moments pass you by.
  • You would like to always have something fun to look forward to simultaneously keeping your pets entertained, busy, happy, healthy, content, exercised and socialized by simply having fun.
  • Would you like to banish pet boredom? Allow me to help your dogs and cats survive being alone, without destroying your home.
  • Are you constantly thinking, “I wish I could save myself time, money, energy and frustrations?”
  • How about having better relationships, make real connections with loved ones and create memorable happy life experiences?

To discover tons of pet fun ideas I recommend reading The Official Petie Handbook and The Pet Lovers Book Series. You can purchase them here.  The entire collection is a must have and a great addition to the “Pet Book” section of your private library.   >>> Order your copy of the Official Petie Handbook & my Pet Lover’s Series.  The entire collection is a must have and a great addition to the “Pet Book” section in your private library.

Not only do your pets like to play, they love to eat treats baked with love.

Have fun baking (or making) treats for your dogs and/or cats. Pet Lovers Canine Cookbook and Pet Lovers Feline Cookbook have lots of scrumptious recipes such as: Dog Biscuits, Biscotti, Loli Pups, Muffins, Cookies, Pupsicles, Pet Birthday Cakes, Bagel Barkers (made famous on Fox Good Day), Purrringly Good Shrimp Feast, Tuna Meows Meows… and more!

For even more fun, you can bake pet and human cookies using specialty cookie cutters that come in shapes of a Fire Hydrant, Bone, Poodle, Collie, Schnauzer, Fish, Mouse, Mini-Kitty, Cupcake, Ice Cream Cone and Cake. They are great to use for birthday parties, special occasions and everyday occasions. Kids love these cookie cutters too!

For those who love Dogs and/or CatsOur Pet Art Paintings are a must have!  Whether you give them as gifts or keep them for your own collection.  These animal caricatures just beg to hang on your wall and will bring a smile every day.  Order Now!  You will find them along with Lisa’s pet treat cookbooks and cookie cutters.

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