Lisa Miller Answers The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.  What is a Petie, Anyway?

A:  A Petie, pronounced Pet-ee, is my trademark term of endearment I coined in 1998 for pet owners (of dogs and cats) who cherish their pets, treat them like family and give them a happy forever home.

Peties describe a group of people I feel most connected to.  My chosen family, tribe or pack if you will.  Peties lead by example; they are responsible, kind, caring and compassionate when it comes to their pet(s).

Food enthusiasts have a term of endearment – Foodies.  Now, we as an Ultimate Pet Lover, have our own term of endearment – Peties.  My heartfelt wish is for all pet owners to be Peties.

Q. Who Did You Create PetieNation.TV for?

A: Dog and Cat Owners & Lovers, Pet Care Professionals and Pet Related Business Owners.  In a nutshell, anyone who loves and appreciates dogs and cats as much as I do.


Q.  Why Did You Create PetieNation.TV?

A:  I created PetieNation.TV to be a place where Peties can come together to share their true life stories, photos and videos.  There is nothing like the joy you feel when you have rescued an abandoned dog and/or cat and see them thrive in your home.  PetieNation.TV wants to share these kinds of heartwarming stories.

I want to celebrate You!  You, a Petie, who does so much for your pets, family and community.  You deserve to be appreciated and heard.  My desire is for these stories to entertain and bring Healing, Hope, Joy and Happiness your way.

Q. How Do I Become An Official Petie and Join Your Tribe?

A:  If you cherish your pets, treat them like family and provide them a happy home; click  > > Subscribe < <  and you’ll be on your way to becoming an Official Petie.  Welcome to our popular Exclusive Tribe of Peties!


Q. Why is PetieNation.TV such a Big Hit with Pet Owners and Lovers, Pet Care Professionals and Pet Related Business Owners?

A: PetieNation.TV is entertaining.  With all the constant doomsday news we provide you with a place where you can escape.

We will take your heart and love for animals on a journey of emotions from laughter to tears and sometimes to down right anger.  You will hear a combination of heartwarming stories and sometimes they will be heartbreaking.  However, our sad stories will always have a happy ending for the dogs, cats and their owners.  You will leave us with a sense of relief, hope, joy and with your heart lifted.

Ultimately, the success of PetieNation.TV is based on the emotional connections that are made.  Pet lovers tune in to see all the tokens of love from people like you who cherish their pets, treat them like family and continuously give them a happy forever home.

We would love to turn you and your beloved pet(s) into Celebrity Stars… or as we call them “Pet-Lebrities”.


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